Thursday, May 10, 2012

Enter The Mastermind: The Return Of Paul Heyman

It's no secret for wrestling fans that Paul Heyman was the brains behind Extreme Championship Wrestling, and managed some of the greats like Steve Austin, Larry Zbyszko, Arn Anderson, Sabu, Kurt Angle, Big Show, and Brock Lesnar, but his return to WWE TV on Monday night was just as memorable.

After Mr. Heyman’s shocking re-emergence on last night’s RAW as the “legal representation” for Brock Lesnar, lot pf resources is reporting that Heyman’s appearance was not a one-off appearance as Mr. Heyman is scheduled to appear periodically for the WWE through August. With Lesnar only scheduled for a set number of appearances on his one-year contract (which, despite the on-air angle of him quitting the WWE, Lesnar is still under contract), bringing Mr. Heyman in is the WWE’s way of keeping the Lesnar storyline going while not squandering the few appearances that Brock has agreed to make for the company. This would see Mr. Heyman come up with some creative viral campaigns, which would serve to sell the storyline lawsuit as being extremely legitimate.

At the last word, Mr. Heyman is only being used as a television character and has zero involvement with the creative process. One of the reasons Mr. Heyman agreed to return to the WWE is the opportunity to work with his real life friend, Brock Lesnar, but Mr. Heyman is reportedly hoping to somehow be involved with WWE Champion CM Punk on television (Mr. Heyman has already been working with Punk on his upcoming DVD release) as Mr. Heyman has a lot of respect for CM Punk and the two briefly got to work together during the relaunch of ECW back in 2006.

Mr. Heyman’s re-emergence on RAW this past Monday was the first WWE television appearance Mr. Heyman has made in six years. Mr. Heyman had a big-time backstage fallout with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon back in 2006 after the infamous disaster that was the ECW December to Dismember pay-per-view. Mr. Heyman and Vince disagreed on several ideas for the event and even Mr. Heyman turned down an offer from Stephanie McMahon to go back to being a writer in WWE’s developmental territory before Heyman quietly left the company. Paul E. was too smart for that.
So what will this mean for the WWE? Certainly, I don't believe Lesnar is truly finished with WWE and expect to see a return, but I hope this returns includes Mr. Heyman delivered his best in-ring live promo ever in WWE this past Monday on Raw. Mr. Heyman, to me, is absolutely necessary on camera alongside the ferocious Lesnar.
What about behind the scenes work? At one point in the past, there were discussions about Mr. Heyman heading to TNA in Orlando. This may just be a far-fetched idea that maybe Mr. Heyman himself wouldn't necessarily be too fond of, but given his past success, why couldn't Paul E. have an interest in the WWE's developmental program, possibly FCW? The facts speak for themselves and Heyman could certainly create a situation where the best talent is being cultivated through the WWE system.

I sure love to see a WWE Legends Roundtable series involving Mr. Heyman and some of his close friends and classic foes from the past. Let the gloves come off and we, the fans, would all win.

If you never knew about the genius before, now you have a basic understanding and it might entice you to watch some old footage to truly brush up on. This has the potential to be a huge deal, and I, for one, hope it continues to become one. Paul Heyman is a freakin' genius, no matter what people say. If I'm an aspiring pro wrestler, it must be a requirement to study the classic Paul Heyman promos to learn about pacing, delivery and enunciation.

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