Thursday, July 25, 2013

Gridiron Dolls

As we get close to football season in the good ol' US of A, I wanted to get this out in the open. With women showing that they are better than the men in the ring, they also prove that they are also worthy on the gridiron.While that is an argument, here is my list of the current crop of women in the ring who might need a secondary sport know, channel their aggression.

Allysin Kay-Cornerback

The current WSU Tag Team Champion and AIW Women's Champion is no stranger to making big time hits in the ring, but what if she could do things on the football field? Her style should mirror that of current Lions DE Ndamukong Suh as well as Nnamdi Asomugha because she can make the big hits count late in the games and shut down any receiver at any give time. She can also be a shutdown cornerback as well channeling Raider great Lester Hayes and former Jet turned Buc Darrelle Revis, bringing a whole new dimension in the game.

We might as well call her "Judge Allysin."

Cheerleader Melissa-Strong Safety

Let's face it...When the Female Terminator delivers her signature shoulder block and she screams at you, you know she's suitable as a strong safety because of the big hits she delivers. Not only will she stop receivers and pick off quarterbacks, she can make big time plays on defense as well. The 5'8" dynamo does not back down from anybody, so that will be to her advantage. Much like former San Francisco great Ronnie Lott, she can play free safety and cornerback, making her a versatile defensive back in the game. Don't count out her return game neither, if that might help out.

Imagine that...Cheerleader Melissa as a football player...That's one thing you gotta wonder, isn't it?

Courtney Rush-Wide Receiver

Chad Johnson made a habit of performing dance moves in the end zone after a touchdown. Why not Courtney Rush? In her native Canada, Canadian Football is one of the most successful sport in Canada, and her hometown Winnipeg Blue Bombers is one of three fan-owned teams in the Canadian Football League. With Rush as a wideout, she can make spectacular catches as well as making solid tackles whenever there's a fumble or an interception. When she gets to the end zone, she might do a little Gangam Style for the loyal fans. Just don't go overboard or there's gonna be flags on the field.

Saraya Knight-Middle Linebacker

Brute force comes in all sizes, but Saraya Knight is no pushover in the ring. But what if that translate on the football field? Maybe the likes of Peyton Manning and Tom Brady needs to fear this gal, considering she can be downright mean in the ring. Much like the days of Dick Butkus and Mean Joe Greene, the Dutchess of Mean can really put a lot of hurt on ball it or not.

Portia Perez-Running Back

Portia is good at running. Nuff said.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sammy Guevara: May Be The Best Ever, But Not The Best In The World

When River City Wrestling fans see Sammy Guevara, they see a talented kid on the rise. But for the hypocritical Internet Wrestling Community, they see nothing but a Justin Bieber wannabe. I know there will be Guevara fans as well as the Belieber Army but I only speak my opinion. Nothing else. Lotta respect for Sammy, but he should drop the Bieber act and grow up.

He always says he's the "Best Ever" and the records speak for themselves; he's the RCW International Champion and he's on a roll these days. Not bad for a wrestler who patterns himself as Justin Beiber. But truth be told, there are plenty of fans who believe that Sammy should grow up a bit, and change his entrance music to something that's less offensive to the grown-up wrestling fans. He should look up to guys like Ric Flair and Harley race instead of a boring musician.

There are those individuals who either look up to Justin Bieber as a wrestler or use his music as their theme music, that's embarrassing for them and the sports. Look at what football great Eric Dickerson said about about Bieber's freeway incident that involved former New York Jet Keyshawn Johnson:

"I live in Calabasas too and Justin Bieber needs to slow his ass down."

If that wasn't enough, look at the backlash from those who have too much free time on thier hands on Twitter:

But face it, people can speak their minds and be respectful but not this bunch. They all show their loyalty to Bieber and this is gonna go as a war between Good Old-Fashioned All-American Fun and sycophancy.

Bieber's for kids. Wrestling is for men.

If you think Guevara is the Best in the World, here's two words to add to your disappointment:

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Welcome To The Titanic, Brad Maddox!

Last night on Monday Night Raw, we all saw the absurd and respectfully ridiculous announcement that shook up the flagship show of the WWE; the firing of Vickie Guerre as General Manager of the brand and the promotion of the most absurd personality in WWE history in my opinion, Brad Maddox.

Not only did the Internet Wrestling Community were voicing their opinion on the announcement chairman Vince McMahon had made, but there was a lot of people who gave that decision a thumbs-down. It was McMahon's way to “give us what we wasn't," but in reality he doesn't know what we want. What we want is a competent GM who can give us fans what we wasn't, not a bumbling idiot who couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag. This is why WWE is losing its touch with the fans, the ones who put their hard earned money to go to these events. It's a letdown on the entertainment side, and an even bigger letdown on the business side.

With TNA butchering the payroll with Hulk Hogan around and WWE is run by corporate monkeys, the only alternative is Ring Of Honor our your local promotion. The mainstream companies have finally lost its reality on the biggest assets of all: the fans. It's us fans who watch each show every week to see the action, and for them to pull the wool over our eyes makes yours pretty upset.

Good luck on the sinking ship, Brad. You're gonna need it.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

TN-Ain't The Same

July 3rd is a day in what is probably the worst decision in TNA history, the entire company dumped Madison Rayne, Crimson, Taeler Hendrix, Christopher York, Joey Ryan, and Alex Silva and to nobody's surprise, re-signed their color commentator Taz. Those moves were cost-cutting measures, but to me it was like they were not only focusing on former WWE talent, which of course is a waste of space; but throw out those with lots of potential.

One guy said, “TNA boggles the mind." Another said, “It looks like TNA is trying to break away from OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling, TNA's minor league promotion)." I think it could be both considering the lack of young talent in this God-forsaken company and the use of former WWE talent as well as some old school WCW talent and many others that take up plenty of airtime.  Even Hulk Hogan and his daughter Brooke are taking up airtime. This not a reality show, this is wrestling, but you can't blame the writers for this baloney. In fact, every member of the IWC want both Hogans of their TV's for young, up and coming talent as well as talented veterans who know what they're doing. I know I'm gonna piss off the entire IWC, but I know when I'm being heard. And I know what to say too.

TNA is nothing short of a poor man's WCW, but in time, fans will forgive the company as well as TNA Head of Talent Relations Bruce Pritchard for these screw-ups. But not right now, due to the angry IWC and plenty of die-hard TNA fans.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Dirt Sheet Dirtbag: Why Dave Meltzer Is Making The IWC Angry

When you hear the name Dave Meltzer, you hear nothing but his own piece of work “The Wrestling Observer Newsletter." But when you also hear the name Dave Meltzer, you'll hear nothing but rumors and inside information, and it pisses every member of the Internet Wrestling Community right off the bat.

Sure he has been in the business since most of us were in diapers or teenagers from the 1980s, and he was instrumental in creating the WON Hall of Fame; but in this time and age, there are plenty of disgusted individuals who believe that Meltzer's meddling will not only infuriate the entire IWC, but in this business in general. Take it from me; I sure didn't want to be a dirty sheet scumbag like him during my time with the wrestling mega-site The Online World of Wrestling, but due to a few misunderstandings, I was kicked out, forcing me to go back to writing for other sites, particularly Wrestle Enigma and Pro Wrestling Powerhouse. Boy, did that ever work out.

Words of advice, folks: Never, under any circumstances, be a dirt sheet scumbag like Dave Meltzer.