Saturday, December 1, 2012

Rant From An Angry Young Man: Why The Saraya/Melissa Feud Will Not Have Winners, But Losers

People have the right to chose whose side their on. Everybody does. But I'll tell you all right now as far as the Cheerleader Melissa/Saraya Knight feud goes, there are no winners...only losers. Five years ago at ChickFight VII, the most controversial ending to their first match that saw Saraya Knight’s head hung in the ropes, Melissa continued to assault her despite being trapped until the referee ended the match and Saraya was stretchered from ringside. Remember, Saraya was the face, and Melissa was the ultimate heel at the time. As Melissa celebrated her tournament victory Saraya reappeared and threatened her. But the feud was cut short during a pre-match brawl for Real Quality Wrestling (RQW) in June that saw the two brawl both in and outside of the building and ended with Melissa winning shortly after Saraya was thrown on an already utilized aluminum can, tearing through her ligament and leaving her hospitalized. She was forced to forfeit her ChickFight IX: Our Final Chance match the following day and would not wrestle again for six months. Who's to blame at the time? People say Melissa for kicking Saraya when she's down; but was she sorry about it? I never asked her and who knows? However in March of 2012, the two gravitated towards each other again, as Saraya hired Nicole Matthews and Portia Perez as mercenaries to injure Melissa during their SHIMMER title challenges on volumes 45 and 46 respectively. Both were unsuccessful in wresting the title away, sadly. The Australian athlete and “Everyone’s Favorite Girlfriend” Jessie McKay was also approached by Saraya, but despite wavering in her resolve to play by the rules, Jessie stayed true to herself and defied the Brit’s request, leading to the biggest and most vicious brawl, though not the first time that Saraya had to be dragged out of the Berwyn Eagles Club that weekend – she was disqualified against another Australian Shazza McKenzie and Veda Scott for being overly aggressive, and had to be restrained after repeatedly going into the crowd to slap fans who gave her backchat and criticized her on the SHIMMER forum. After seeing plan A failed miserably, Saraya’s psychotic antics saw the Champion challenge her enemy with the title on the line, which was an opportunity which the Brit took with both hands, and would go to any lengths…and any depths…to get the belt. She attacked Melissa’s knee before the match on volume 48, and targeted it throughout the match, which was a big throwback to their last match which saw the gruesome injury to Saraya’s leg five years ago. In the end, it was that knee-related offense which saw Melissa tap out while Saraya held the ropes to secure the most unlikely (And the most controversial in my opinion) SHIMMER title change so far. The next time they faced off saw another controversal event: when interference came through and screwed Melissa once again. Why do I care anymore? You all can call Saraya a "Crusader for Justice" when justice was done in March, you can sit there and hide behind your keyboard when Justice was done in March. Why do you all turn your back on possibly one of the most popular SHIMMER stars today if not all-time and root for someone who has a legit beef? Folks, that was five years ago. This is professional wrestling, not ballet. Someone will end up getting hurt, and that's that. If you jokers want to support Saraya Knight, go ahead, I have no problem. When those two face off again, I'm neutral. I no longer have rooting interest. Yes I respect Melissa for a long time, and yes I respect Saraya because she's scrappy, but I'll never root for them or be on one side or another for their support. But for now, this rivalry will not end until Melissa says the two words she never said to Saraya on that night five years ago; "I'm sorry."

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