Monday, December 2, 2013

Rockstar Spud Is The Next Big Thing In TNA...And Here's The Facts

Everybody has their opinion on Rockstar Spud, the new Chief Of Staff in TNA. Some people would say, “I like this guy, he has incredible charisma." Others would say, “I'm not digging this guy, he's too cocky." Some would say, “Give this cat a chance, let's see if he can prove his doubters wrong." Others would say, “Get him off my television, he's so annoying."

Me? I'd say, “This guy might be the answer to Brad Maddox, in fact he's the anti-Brad Maddox. Why do I need to support this guy?"

Not only is he talented, let's analyze the main factors:

Light on his feet: For a guy who looks like a featherweight, Spud has some talent in the ring. But in matches against the big guys, he's a fish swimming with the sharks and he can't win. He is the winner of TNA's British Boot Camp and with his abilities, he's that damn good.

Charisma: This guy never has a charisma bypass in his life and he never will. If there's one thing about Spud, expect the unexpected with this guy. His charisma is a big asset to any promotion and somehow TNA is quick to use it.

Cockiness: Spud has a ship-load of cockiness and as of recently, it's at an all-time high. If you ask me, he either has the confidence to be great, or his ego is bigger than his body. I can only say this about Rockstar Spud, his ego is practically the size of Texas.

Authority: Like I said, he is TNA's answer to WWE's Brad Maddox, and there's no telling why. He may be watching the TNA roster, but he can't hold his own against an angry locker room. With Dixie Carter guiding his steps, there's one thing about this scenario; it will be chaos. Boatloads of it.

Face it; with Rockstar Spud at the wheel, it's going to be a bumpy ride from here on out. Just don't expect it to be that long.

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