Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Barbwire Weekly Awards on June 18, 2012

Welcome to this weeks Barbwire Weekly Awards, where there will be fun and some humor involved.

Paranoid Dope of the Week:

John Laurinaitis

 Best Match Of The Week:

Bobby Roode Vs. Mr. Anderson (Impact Wrestling)

Worst Match of the Week:

John Cena Vs. Big Show (No Way Out)

WMCA Good Guy Of The Week:

Hulk Hogan (2nd Time)

 Angry Guy of the Week:

James Storm (But we still like the guy)

The Barbwire Girl of the Week:

Knockout Champ Miss Brooke Tessmacher (2 weeks in a row!)

The Richard Belding Award

AJ (What a sly smile you have)

And Finally...
Moment of the Week:

Big Dumb Johnny goes beddy-bye.

Here's another...but it's a bad moment of the week...

Is that a way to treat an Icon?

Hope you enjoyed this weeks awards! Stop by for next week's picks!

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