Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Rise And Fall Of John Laurinaitis

“Big Dumb Johnny” is no longer in power in the front office!

This past Monday, the long-time WWE Executive was removed as the Executive VP of Talent Relations, ending 8 years of bringing in the wrong talent.

Wrestling Inc. released the following on their website:

“John Laurinaitis no longer officially serves as WWE’s Executive Vice President of Talent Relations; his bio has been removed from the WWE Corporate website’s index of executive officers. Therefore, the former ‘Dynamic Dude’ is solely an on-air performer for WWE. However, he is still branded as the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations in his Superstars profile and on his Twitter account.

Laurinaitis had overseen the Talent Relations department since April 2004, when he replaced Jim Ross. He was hired as a road agent after the sport entertainment organization’s acquisition of certain assets of World Championship Wrestling in March 2001.

Paul “Triple H” Levesque, who oversees the talent relations and talent development departments, has been added to the website.”

The reason why I call Mr. Laurinaitis, and the exploits that came with him,”Big Dumb Johnny?”  Just look at the roster he assembled during his run.
From bodybuilders to reality stars to models, he didn’t bother bringing in real athletes. Jim Cornette hates the guy. Jim Ross was fired by the guy. Even I hate the guy.

On-Screen, he is at his most smug, and reminds me of Willie Stark, a character in the movie “All The King’s Men,” which the tagline “He Might Have Been A Pretty Good Guy . . . If Too Much Power . . . And Women . . . Hadn’t Gone To his Head!” was relevant to Laurinaitis’s case. Off it however, he is a good guy, despite bringing in the wrong kind of talent.

If he is fired on-screen than off-screen, he might as well surrender his two cronies David Otunga and Eve Torres and focus on the bigger things on-screen.

Now that the decency of WWE is coming back slowly, I should say one thing about John Laurinatis…he never saw it coming. In Mr. Stark’s words in the aforementioned motion picture, It’s time to “Nail ‘em up!” Meaning nail David and Eve and bring in someone respectable as GM of Raw and SmackDown.

We need to hope that Hunter can bring in real athletes who can mesh with WWE. It’s only a matter of time.

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