Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Rock Vs. CM Punk: Will It Be Good As Advertised?

With all the talk of a potential title change, it appears the IWC's response to the upcoming Rock/Punk encounter to be a failure...Or will it be epic? With The Rock returning for the Royal Rumble, it appears that CM Punk's days as WWE Champion are completely numbered, considering he has held it since November of 2011. Although I think it's a great accomplishment, it kind of sucks that he held on to it way too long. And with Paul Heyman by his side, Punk wants to assert himself as the greatest champion in WWE history. I don't blame him, but no one seems to care. Punk got in hot water recently about trashing one of the greatest men in wrestling history, Bruno Sammartino; aand it got “Superstar" Billy Graham mad. Talk about rubbing people the wroneg way. You're talking about one of the all-time greats and you knock him down, no wonder he won't go to the WWE Hall of Fame after this. The Rock however is still regarded as one of the all-time best and he puts his best work behind the mic and in the ring. And while the war of words might continue, the brawl on the 20th anniversary of Raw was the most memorable. If you think he has lost a step, think again. If the match is as good as advertised, fans should have no problem, considering The Shield will probably interfere at some point. But all in all, this should be entertaining to watch.

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