Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bellatrix Countdown: Interview with Miss Mina

Miss Mina from Norway is an absolute Valkyrie in the ring. An powerhouse unlike no other, she has the athleticism of the Nordic warriors who fight for the honor of Valhalla. When she faces Pro Wrestling EVE Champion Nikki Storm, she will bring a taste of Valhalla to The Dynamite Queen.

In an interview (The FIRST on the Barbwire Blog), she will be talking about her upcoming match with Nikki as well as talk about what she's been up to these day. You might want to read about who she picked as a dream opponent.

Let's hear it for the Nordic Valkyrie herself.

1.It looks like you will be taking on a very talkative and competitive Pro Wrestling EVE Champion Nikki Storm. How will you fare against her?

Nikki Storm seems like a good opponent, but now I have never met her in the ring before.  I will deal with her like I always do, the warriors way.  I am looking forward to see what sort of style she will come at me with. And I am exited to see if she is a worthy opponent for a Viking. Bravery is half the victory in the ring with me, and if she is wise she should prepare for loss!

2.What have you been up to lately in the world of wrestling?

I had my match vs Destiny here in Norway at the start of the month and were victorious, I have been waiting for a chance to take her down for quite some time. I have proven I am the better warrior! And other than that I have been training keeping my weapons sharp! There is nothing more disappointing in the ring than a dull weapon!

3.With the debuts of Nikki Storm, Alpha Female, Shanna and many others, it is viewed in my opinion as a Pro Wrestling EVE invasion. Do you view that as such?

No definitely not , they are coming into the Bellatrix roster as individual talents. Bellatrix warriors is  One of the top female federations at the min and we do it the warrior way! They should be proud to be a part of it all!

4.You brought so much to the table when it comes to Bellatrix.

Thank you , I am always bringing my best to the table! I take great pride in Bellatrix and being a part of it! There is more epic battles coming your way!

5.Let's go around with some name association. I say a name, you can respond to whatever you please. Aurora Flame?

Headstrong and motivated

6. Queen Maya?

Giant fightmachine

7. Liberty?

Extremly talented, gutted I never wrestled her

8. Amy Lee?

Actions speak for it self

9. Rhia O'Reilly?

Up and coming

10. Viper?


11. Destiny?

Veteran and will be a legend

12. Saraya Knight?

Awesome inspiration to us all, she is one of the most respected females in the biz!

13. Who is your dream opponent and why?

My dream opponent at this time would be Madison Eagles, I love her style of wrestling and she is someone I could learn a lot from!

14. In closing, would you like to leave a last message for your fans as well as Nikki Storm?

Thank you so much for following the Bellatrix female warriors and myself, see you at the show! Keep updatet on whats going on from my twitter or my facebook fanpage The Nordic Valkyrie fanpage.
Nikki Storm I hope you are ready to step in the ring with the Norwegian Viking, I only ask you to take your courage, for that is the first sign of a true warrior!

Special thanks to Miss Mina for her time for this interview as well as Saraya Knight for helping me out in the process. To keep up with Miss Mina, follow her on Twitter @_MissMina_ and  her Facebook fan page at

You can follow me on Twitter @matthewhollie

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