Friday, April 6, 2012

2012-The Year Of Criminals In Wrestling

We’ve all heard the word, “Anything you say can be and will be used against you in the court of law.” Right?

Well, in the case for wrestling fans, we’ve seen nothing but the bad guys slither their way out of the long arms of the law and ran off with their whatever’s left of their dignity.

Sad but true.

Let’s take a look at the criminals at large, shall we?

John Laurinaitis-Charged with White Collar activities

The WWE’s EVP of Talent Relations, and the GM of both Raw and Smackdown. The best guy for doing White Collar crime.

And do you know why, people?

The guy actually sucks at running EVERYTHING.

Let’s give the devil his due, the guy was not a good wrestler, and he was not a good executive. So appointing him to do the TR job and dual GM job is somewhat gonna tank the ratings as well as recruiting talent. After all, everybody thinks he’s got laryngitis or something.

His Brother, the legendary Road Warrior Animal, was a better wrestler than him. And Jim Ross was better was a better recruiter than him.

One day, the WWE will see Laurinaitis as the over ambitious person that he is.

Saraya Knight-Theft, Larceny, Use of Dangerous Weapon, Delinquency

Saraya Knight has been wrestling for 3 decades. And that’s a real accomplishment.

But seriously folks, as a Cheerleader Melissa fan, her winning the Shimmer Championship makes my blood boil.

She used a cane to whack her on her knee, and during the match, when she applied her submission hold, she grabbed the rope, causing Melissa to tap out.

It wasn’t fair. That should have been a submission win.

In fact, life isn’t fair. She’s a champ, like it or not.

What happened on March 18 of this year will go down in history as the night Saraya Knight stole 6 years of hard work for 5 years of revenge. And 5 years ago it was Melissa that broke Saraya’s knee.

We all have forgiven Melissa. Accident or not, what’s done is done.

What happened in January of 2007 is the past, no doubt about it. But fast forward to March of 2012, it’s the same kind of vengeance from Saraya over and over again.

In fact, I was going to add “Threatening an EGW Writer” to her list, but that is dropped, due to my continued eternal hatred of her.

But she’ll hold on to that belt until October when the new tapings of Shimmer take place, the fun is going to be her hanging onto that title by hook or crook.

But along the line, a beautiful brunette will take that belt away from the Red-haired nightmare. It’s only a matter of time.
Jeff Jarrett-Swindling

“What the ‘Kingfish’ wants, the ‘Kingfish’ gets.”

That’s the philosophy of Jeff Jarrett. Like him or not, the guy is an Icon in pro wrestling.

But in India in Ring Ka King, the promotion he founded, that’s a different story.

Jarrett and his muscle, Magnus, Abyss, and Scott Steiner, have made Indian fans miserable since coming down to the place where WWE is winning the TV wars there, and utilizing a stable of Powerful names over there.

The only reason I didn’t add not giving Alissa Flash a major push was that I didn’t want to go there with him.

But let’s face it. He’s not psychotic like Saraya, or he’s into White Collar dealings like “Big Dumb Johnny,” The guy is good, whatever you like him or not.

He’s wrestling’s version of legendary Louisiana Governor and Senator Huey P. Long.

Anybody want to say anything different, I accept your opinion.

Because anything THEY say can be and used against them in the “Ring of Law.”

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