Saturday, April 14, 2012

River City Wrestling 10th Anniversary Preview

10 years. That how long River City Wrestling has been around San Antonio, TX. Tonight, it'll be no exception as it gets bigger and hotter with their 10th Anniversary show.

The match that will have Match of the Night award is that of the Ray Rowe/Michael Faith match. "The Man with the Killer Instinct" came onto the RCW scene in 2010 and dominated very quickly, Shortening opponents' careers and holding the RCW Championship in a very successful reign. I felt that Rowe was screwed out of the title by "The Shrimp" AJ Summers and Co-Commissioner Chris "Rat-Bastard" Sifuentes, the impressive big man has been even more deadly as of late. However, he has ran into a massive obstacle... newcomer Michael Faith, who much like Rowe has made an impact in a short amount of time. Faith, who weighs nearly 400 pounds, can do lionsaults, dives and a wide-range of acrobatic and extremely powerful maneuvers. Very agile for a big man, especially a man who weighs nearly 400 pounds. Likewise, Rowe's deadly arsenal includes solid mat wrestling, vicious strikes, and maneuvers such as the Death Rowe and the running double knee strike that will quickly render an opponent unconscious. This super-heavyweight would be talked about for years to come.

The big match I'm looking forward to is AJ Summers vs. Alissa Flash, for both the RCW Title and the RCW International title. Originally supposed to be AJ Summers defending the RCW title against former tag team partner "New Style" Ben Galvan (Galvan was taken out of the match by Co-Commissioner Chris Sifuentes), TNA/AAA superstar, RCW Icon, and RCW Co-Commissioner "The Super-Mex" Hernandez made the match Title vs. Title against RCW International Champion Alissa Flash, due to the fact that "The Super-Mex" couldn't find anybody near AJ's height range. Allisa Flash, also known as Cheerleader Melissa, is one of the best women wrestlers in the world, a former Shimmer Champion(Recently lost the aforementioned title to Saraya Knight), former TNA Knockout, and has held every championship in RCW. History is very synonymous with the 29 year-old Flash, being the first female to hold the RCW Championship and winning every title securing her legacy and her Icon stats in the Alamo City. With a victory on April 14, she would become the first competitor in RCW to hold both of the major singles' titles simultaneously (female or male). This is also a case of redemption for "The Future Legend" as well as it was Summers that pinned her in a match last fall with a "Loser Leaves RCW for 90 Days" stipulation, also ending her Tag Team Championship reign with Darci Drake. Can "Brooklyn's Finest" make lightning strike twice, or will the legendary "Female Terminator" make history one more time? In Flash's corner will be an old ally, the fiesty part-vampire Shelly Martinez! We all know that Shelly was "Ariel" in WWE and "Salinas" in TNA where she managed Hernandez and Homicide as LAX, the most significant faction in TNA. Meanwhile, in Summers' corner will be RCW Ring King Joey "Super Shot" Spector, a male chauvinist that faught wars with Flash (Their first encounter dating back to April 3, 2010) and could add a lot to Summers' strategy! It should be a good match, as it reminds me of the legendary WrestleMania IV match between Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior. We'll see who will walk out with both belts.

From top to bottom this card should rock the house, like the "Fan Lumberjack Strap Battle Royal," a great night of Tag Competition featuring Team DP (Reyna Pink & darci Drake), the Headhunters, and much more, this event is a can't miss event!

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