Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Good Girl Gone Bad: Eve's Twisted Turn

It's true...Eve Torres is no longer on the hearts and minds of every WWE fan. Her slime trail has left a whole lot of messy marks all over.

No wonder we call her a "Hoeski." She used Zack Ryder, and she'll used just about anybody to get what she desires.

And when we call her that, she gets disgusted.

"You people want to judge me go right on ahead," she said a month ago.  "I am a woman living in a man's world, I tell men what they want to hear but they love me." We've been judging you for weeks since you used Zack Ryder.

But I agree with her on one thing; She's living in a man's world, alluring lots of guys to be loved. And that's not that hard to do, quite frankly.

And it doesn't stop there. She manipulates men, and loves every minute of it. How cold and callous can you be.

It doesn't take a lot of practice to get a girl like that, do you?
No sir.

"There isn't a man in this world who wouldn't want to be used by a woman like me. It's not my fault that men fall in love with me or they can't resist my beauty or my charm," she continued. Well, maybe for some, but for your fans, you somewhat lost a lot of love from them. If it was me, I'd resist your beauty or charm.

You know why folks?

I don't like being used. Period.

And that doesn't end there;

"They crumble at my feet like little puppies begging for my attention. So really you shouldn't blame me for my natural strengths. You men should blame yourselves for your weaknesses."



How Dare You, Woman?

We can't defend you for being the low-down dirty woman you are, and since this is a web site that features family-friendly opinions I can't even call you anything but low-down. You manipulated Zack Ryder. That's one thing. But to get your hands on John Cena is an attempt worth trying , but ends up a failure in the process.

And that's why no man will ever love nor believe Eve again. It's sad but true. She cost Ryder and Team Teddy the match at WrestleMania 2 days ago, and she's sucking up to that no-talented waste of space John "Big Dumb Johnny" Laurinaitis. And last Monday, she showed no remorse for her actions.

We'll all forgive Eve one day. Unfortunately, that day will never come.

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