Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Welcome To The Titanic, Brad Maddox!

Last night on Monday Night Raw, we all saw the absurd and respectfully ridiculous announcement that shook up the flagship show of the WWE; the firing of Vickie Guerre as General Manager of the brand and the promotion of the most absurd personality in WWE history in my opinion, Brad Maddox.

Not only did the Internet Wrestling Community were voicing their opinion on the announcement chairman Vince McMahon had made, but there was a lot of people who gave that decision a thumbs-down. It was McMahon's way to “give us what we wasn't," but in reality he doesn't know what we want. What we want is a competent GM who can give us fans what we wasn't, not a bumbling idiot who couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag. This is why WWE is losing its touch with the fans, the ones who put their hard earned money to go to these events. It's a letdown on the entertainment side, and an even bigger letdown on the business side.

With TNA butchering the payroll with Hulk Hogan around and WWE is run by corporate monkeys, the only alternative is Ring Of Honor our your local promotion. The mainstream companies have finally lost its reality on the biggest assets of all: the fans. It's us fans who watch each show every week to see the action, and for them to pull the wool over our eyes makes yours pretty upset.

Good luck on the sinking ship, Brad. You're gonna need it.

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