Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sammy Guevara: May Be The Best Ever, But Not The Best In The World

When River City Wrestling fans see Sammy Guevara, they see a talented kid on the rise. But for the hypocritical Internet Wrestling Community, they see nothing but a Justin Bieber wannabe. I know there will be Guevara fans as well as the Belieber Army but I only speak my opinion. Nothing else. Lotta respect for Sammy, but he should drop the Bieber act and grow up.

He always says he's the "Best Ever" and the records speak for themselves; he's the RCW International Champion and he's on a roll these days. Not bad for a wrestler who patterns himself as Justin Beiber. But truth be told, there are plenty of fans who believe that Sammy should grow up a bit, and change his entrance music to something that's less offensive to the grown-up wrestling fans. He should look up to guys like Ric Flair and Harley race instead of a boring musician.

There are those individuals who either look up to Justin Bieber as a wrestler or use his music as their theme music, that's embarrassing for them and the sports. Look at what football great Eric Dickerson said about about Bieber's freeway incident that involved former New York Jet Keyshawn Johnson:

"I live in Calabasas too and Justin Bieber needs to slow his ass down."

If that wasn't enough, look at the backlash from those who have too much free time on thier hands on Twitter:

But face it, people can speak their minds and be respectful but not this bunch. They all show their loyalty to Bieber and this is gonna go as a war between Good Old-Fashioned All-American Fun and sycophancy.

Bieber's for kids. Wrestling is for men.

If you think Guevara is the Best in the World, here's two words to add to your disappointment:

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