Wednesday, July 3, 2013

TN-Ain't The Same

July 3rd is a day in what is probably the worst decision in TNA history, the entire company dumped Madison Rayne, Crimson, Taeler Hendrix, Christopher York, Joey Ryan, and Alex Silva and to nobody's surprise, re-signed their color commentator Taz. Those moves were cost-cutting measures, but to me it was like they were not only focusing on former WWE talent, which of course is a waste of space; but throw out those with lots of potential.

One guy said, “TNA boggles the mind." Another said, “It looks like TNA is trying to break away from OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling, TNA's minor league promotion)." I think it could be both considering the lack of young talent in this God-forsaken company and the use of former WWE talent as well as some old school WCW talent and many others that take up plenty of airtime.  Even Hulk Hogan and his daughter Brooke are taking up airtime. This not a reality show, this is wrestling, but you can't blame the writers for this baloney. In fact, every member of the IWC want both Hogans of their TV's for young, up and coming talent as well as talented veterans who know what they're doing. I know I'm gonna piss off the entire IWC, but I know when I'm being heard. And I know what to say too.

TNA is nothing short of a poor man's WCW, but in time, fans will forgive the company as well as TNA Head of Talent Relations Bruce Pritchard for these screw-ups. But not right now, due to the angry IWC and plenty of die-hard TNA fans.

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