Saturday, August 10, 2013

Athena's Injury Leaves WSU Questions Before Today's Event

The fact that Athena took a nasty spill after a German Suplex at a wrestling show last night really started to worry me. Now confirmed by WSU head honcho Drew Cordeiro, Athena will not appear today at the Uncensored Rumble event.

This is not the first time Jessicka Havok is without an opponent that suffered an injury. Last time that was LuFisto who suffered an injury at SHIMMER Volume 53, missing the weekend tapings and a WSU event while she recovers. Now Havok has got to find an opponent for today otherwise, he Havok Death Machine really needs to beat somebody up for profit. Probably either Neveah or Lexxus can get a shot or both of them will face Havok in a triple threat. That is logically the best option right now.

So many questions, and right now, Drew Cordeiro is the guy who can get all the answers, maaaaaaan.

Get well soon, Athena. You be beating hussies up again in no time.

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