Sunday, August 25, 2013

Knockouts Knocked Down: Why The TNA Knockouts Are Disintegrating Fast

Let's admit it; the TNA Knockouts division isn't what it used to be anymore. With just 5 women active on the roster, it's very hard to come up with clever matches and better stories. I'm not gonna sit here and lie, but the division as we once knew it is simply fading fast.

Back then, there were so many talent women on the TNA roster like Awesome Kong, Angelina Love, Sarita, Velvet Sky, Traci Brooks, ODB, Tara, Mickie James, Gail Kim and many others too long too list here. These women have always put on tremendous matches and give it 110% in the ring. They even outperformed the guys in TNA with their athleticism and beauty. Their Knockouts division was better than the WWE Divas division.

Now all that is left is just Gail, ODB, Mickie, Velvet, and Miss Tessmacher to keep this division alive. Kong is gone. Angelina is gone. Traci is gone. Sarita is gone. Tara is gone and she said she will never return to TNA. Madison Rayne is gone. And Taryn Terrell is out for a while. While the lack of depth is why the fans lost faith in TNA, look at the WWE Divas. They have what the Knockouts lack: talent and depth. Look at the SHIMMER roster as well. They certainly have what the Knockouts lack as well: Lots of amazing talent, great depth, and former Knockouts Alissa Flash and Ayako Hamada helped bring SHIMMER to international prominence.

It's up to you if you lost faith in the Knockouts division. I don't see that division succeeding if you have five women on your roster. It comes off with failing marks and needs to be addressed very soon.

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