Thursday, August 1, 2013

Enter The Bellatrix Zone: Enter The Rush Zone

The Rush Revolution is coming for you, England!

Winnipeg has a great hockey history as well as wrestling history, as the Winnipeg Jets won three Avco Cups while in the World Hockey Association and has had a loyal following in the 80s and mid 90s before moving to Phoenix. As wrestling history applies, it is the hometown of WWE legend Chris Jericho as well as the rising star in the indy scene, the One and only Courtney Rush. A 6-time champion currently holding the Bellatrix World Championship as well as a few Canadian Wrestling promotions women's titles, Rush has been and always will be one of a kind. Battling with the likes of Allysin Kay, Cheerleader Melissa, Cherry Bomb, Sara Del Rey and Kellie Skater; the Rush Revolution has one stop she hasn't been yet: England, where she will be defending the belt at Epic Studios in Norwich, the home of Bellatrix Female Warriors on October 6.

A fun-loving side of Courtney Rush everyone likes.
Beginning as a student at Scott D'Amore's school in Windsor, Ontario, Canada; Rush began her career as P.J. Tyler due to the fact she is an Aerosmith fan. In January 2008 she made her debut, only to lose to Haley Rogers, otherwise known as Cat Power. She would later avenge this loss in July of 2008. While the talent was good for the young up-and-comer to develop, it was only a matter of time before SHIMMER started calling. While she joined the roster under the Sparkle lineup, she made her SHIMMER debut in March of 2011.

Courtney Rush and Sara Del Rey formed a team in 2012 that captured SHIIMER Tag Team gold. It didn't go so well months later.
While proving to herself as well as the fans in SHIMMER, Rush shined in singles matches; but when Sara Del Rey was looking for a tag team partner, out of the blue came Courtney Rush. They gelled a bit winning the SHIMMER Tag Team Titles in March or 2012, but they actually crumbled when SDR turned her back and cost both of them the titles to the Canadian Ninjas, made up of Nicole Matthews and Portia Perez; months later at an NCW:FF show.

The Bellatrix World Title makes a nice pillow for the reigning champion/
After that betrayal, Courtney went directly back to singles competition, picking up a few solid wins. In March of this year, Courtney got the opportunity of a lifetime as she faced off against Allison Danger for the Bellatrix World Title. It was hard fought, but in the end, the Winnipeg Suplex Machine got the victory and the gold. In SHIMMER Volume 55, Rush even challenged reigning SHIMMER Champion Cheerleader Melissa, but with bad results. The two faced off again in last month's NCW:FF, but it got real ugly when they were both DQ'd.

The Boss teaches Courtney a lesson.
Courtney will bring her brand of excitement in England, with her positive personality and a fiery work ethic. Out of her 143 matches, Courtney managed to have 71 wins under her belt, including a 49.7% winning percentage. Her best year was in 2012, when she had a solid 59.3% winning percentage and her worst year was her sophomore year in 2009, only to have a 37.9% winning percentage. No matter the statistics, what Rush brings to the table for Bellatrix is something extraordinary.

Always thinking, so you don't have to.
Courtney is in her 5th year in the indrustry, and as the years progress, so have her skills. She is far from her early days as a young P.J. Tyler, and that's only the beginning.

The best of the best is right here in Winnipeg. And The Rush Revolution has only begun to take shape.

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