Friday, August 30, 2013

Bellatrix Vs. SHIMMER Countdown: An ALL-NEW Interview With Skarlett

Skarlett isn't out to impress nobody...She's out there to inflict a whole lot of pain on her opponents. Her match with X-Cute Sweet has it's ups and downs, but Skarlett in the end pulled through with the dreaded Skarlett's Web. And her war with Saraya Knight for the Herts & Essex Wrestling Women's Championship has finally reached a point where someone gets extremely hurt. Also, she will face off against a former TNA Knockout Christina Von Eerie at Bellatrix 7, so that adds much to her plate.

In this all-new interview, Skarlett will not only recap the events of Bellatrix 6, but also talks about her rivalry with Saraya Knight as well as her take on the incoming SHIMMER stars. It's 100% Uncensored and of course 100% No Bull.

1. Can you tell our readers what happened at Bellatrix 6 with X-Cute Sweet?

Your readers should already know as well as I do, what happened is what always happened. Bellatrix management lined me up some little cutie pie to take out my constant bad mood . She was more of a challenge than I gave her credit for which had left me temporarily checking my attitude, but she took that small show of respect as weakness and repayed me by wiping her French arse all over my face.

Seriously... A stink face????? So I gave her an axekick and sent her home tapping to Skarletts Web. Obviously.

2. Sounds like your Skarlett's Web is the most effective in your matches.

This isn't a question. A question being a sentence worded or expressed so as to elicit information.. this isn't a statement either. Its a FACT. .A thing that is indisputably the case. If it wasn't effective why on earth would I waste my time beating everyone down enough to ground them so I can slap it on them? Don't mistake me for the kind of girl that has to put all that flowery flippy pretty crap in their matches so everyone cheers. I do everything I do with one simple mantra in mind - ''If it hurts it works.''

3. Outside of Bellatrix, what happened between you and Saraya Knight in Herts & Essex Women's Championship?

Ah yes. That was regrettable. For HER. You see the problem was I got far too comfortable dominating the HEW Women's division and took my eye of the ball in a BIG way allowing Mrs Knight to sneak on back on. I'd like to think she was surprised by the fight she got out of me...and I'm really not ashamed to have been beaten by one of the best in the world. Who would? I'm a big girl, I can take my lessons and I learn from them.

4. Do you think you can regain your championship by any means necessary?

If any means necessary also means ''Casket Match'' then yes I do believe I can regain the gold. There's been bad blood between Saraya knight and myself over at HEW for for too long. Its time that someone offered the wily veteran a bit of competition, and that someone is going to be me.

5. Now you'll be facing a former TNA Knockout in Christina Von Eerie. What do you think about facing such a young talent like Christina?

I've been checking her out doing a little research and she seems on paper to be my kind of lady, stylistically and the way she promotes herself, But I'm not in this industry to make friends and share fashion tips. Unfortunately, my personal opinion of her doesn't actually matter when I have a job to do. Win. As for her being so ''young'' as you put it.. that doesn't matter to me. Everyone still has their lessons to learn, and I will gladly play the role of Teacher. Today's lesson - Von Eerie's Limitations.

6. With SHIMMER's top stars coming to Bellatrix, do you believe they have the talent to hang with the Bellatrix veterans?

We will have to see wont we. I just hope the rest of Team Bellatrix take a leaf our of my play book and keep their feet on the ground and concentrate on the battle at hand rather than being all star struck and big eyed. This is an opportunity to show a larger audience what us British girls have to offer..
And mark my words when I say the name of everyone's lips will be mine.

7. Let's go around with your view of the SHIMMER ladies. It's like name association, but it's your scouting report for each of the individuals who will come to England. LuFisto?

Destiny... You got this one in the bag.

8. Mercedes Martinez?

I think Miss Mina will struggle taking the title from Martinez.

9. Cheerleader Melissa?

I'm gonna be watching this one from the back with interest. Plenty of bad blood between Melissa and Saraya, I'm gonna grab a nice cold beer and watch them both kill each other.

10. Courtney Rush?

I think she'll have a competitive match with Liberty, but I think Rush is going to edge it. Seriously Liberty's ridiculous luck has to end soon.

11. What are your goals in Bellatrix?

To practice random hate and senseless acts of brutality. Oh and to finally break the title scene...

12. In closing, would you like to leave a last message to your fans as well as Christina Von Eerie?

My ''fans'' ? There are only two types of people - the ones who rightfully fear and respect me... or the ones that don't know any better. As for a message for Eerie? I'm looking forward to being the one to welcome her to the UK , But I'll let my actions speak louder than my words.

Special thanks to Skarlett for her time as well as Saraya Knight for helping me out in the process.To keep up with the happenings of Skarlett, follow her on Twitter @ExtremeSkarlett as well as her Facebook Fanpage at

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