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Barbwire Blog EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Addy Starr

When you hear the nickname "The All American Canadian," you get Addy Starr. An amazing star on the rise, the talented women's wrestler has made waves in the recent years. From Courtney Rush to Christina Von Eerie even to Cheerleader Melissa, Addy Starr is nothing short but talented. In her first interview, Addy will explain about her beginnings and her trip to England. This interview is 100% Uncensored, so let's hear it from the "All American Canadian."

1. What inspired you to become a wrestler?
Someone told me I wouldn't be able to do it. I knew nothing about wrestling at the time, but I have never been one to back down from a challenge. I went to a training school and instantly fell in love with everything about wrestling.

2. What was your early matches like?
I actually started out wrestling a lot of men, especially in hardcore and death matches. I'm not sure why I started out that way. Someone just asked if I would be willing to do it, and I said yes. I was also a huge fan of ECW and had watched countless Japanese deathmatch tapes, so it only seemed natural for me to try it.

3. What was your favorite feud in your career?
My feud with Chris Dickinson got a lot of people talking. He is a force in wrestling to be reckoned with, and I feel privileged that someone saw enough potential in me to out me up against him. 

4. You made your WSU Debut earlier this year. What is it like to be involved in one of the best women's wrestling promotion in the United States?
It was an amazing feeling to be a part of some of the best women's wrestling in the United States. I've always doubted my ability to hang with the girls, since I've mostly wrestled men, and this was a great boost to my confidence to know I was able to keep up with some of the best female talents in North America.

5. You have been battling the best women in North America in recent years. And now you will be taking your talents to England to face off against the best Europe has to offer. What is it like right now?
I'm terrified. I always dreamed of coming to Europe to wrestle, and now that it's actually happening, it seems incredibly surreal. I'm sure once I actually step into a ring for the first time here, only THEN will it actually seem like it's real.

6. You will be facing off against Miss Mina in a match that declares the first DOA Sirens Champion. What do you expect from that match?

I have no idea what to expect! I know my style of wrestling is almost the polar opposite of most European wrestling. I am a brawler, and I'm very unorthodox compared to the calculated and exact British style of wrestling. I'm expecting to learn a lot in that match and start to adjust my own style to suit this new environment. 

7. How did you get the nickname "The All-American Canadian?"
I always used to joke about how much I loved the USA (especially being half American and having citizenship). One night before an ISW show in Connecticut, some wrestlers and I went and saw the Captain America movie on opening night, and the buzz in the air from the patriotism was just so infectious. I starting chanting "USA!!" and yelling "America!" all night, and the persona kind of just stuck!

8. What is your take on Women's Wrestling?
I like good wrestling. I don't really care if it's women or men doing it. I don't seek out women's wrestling. I watch what I enjoy and what will help me learn.

9. Do you watch the WWE product or the TNA product?
I never ever watch TNA. I used to watch Raw and most of the PPVs back home with my friends, since it was good fun in a nice group. Now that I'm in the UK, I haven't quite figured out how to watch WWE shows. I don't miss it too much though, so maybe that's saying something....

10. Do you wish to wrestle for SHIMMER or SHINE one day?
Of course! Why wouldn't I?

11. You have been in the Anarchy Championship Wrestling's Queen Of Queens Tournament. What is it like to be involved in the annual tradition in Texas wrestling?
Oh man, Texas was AMAZING! I seriously cannot wait to go back. Everyone there was so kind and so welcoming! I had such a fun match and spent some great times with friends. Hey, ACW, can I come back?

12. Would you like to work on the independent scene or would you work in one of the big leagues?
I pretty much am content with staying in the indies. I don't have any grand illusions that wrestling will pay my bills and I'm going to be a huge star. Fame is fleeting, and my body can only take so much. I have a career outside of this world that I enjoy. Wrestling is a passion that I have that I do to get away and enjoy myself. I don't want to rely on it too much and then have it be ruined.

13. Let's go around with some name association. I say a name, you can respond to whatever you please.

Courtney Rush?
Amazing talent. Sweetest girl!

Xandra Bale?
Such a good roadtrip buddy! Love her!

Cheerleader Melissa?
First big name I wrestled. I learned sooooooo much!

Angelus Layne?
Miss her! Powerhouse lady!

Matt Tremont?
Can't say enough nice things. One of the genuine best dudes I know. He reminded me why I love brawling styles so much.

Chris Dickinson?
My big brother. We beat the piss out of each other because it's good for us. Kindred spirit of mine.

Cherry Bomb?
One of the first girls I met in the business. I learned a lot from her as well. Congrats on your wedding, Cherry!
14. What does the future hold for you?
I think the future for me right now involves getting on my feet over here in Europe. I basically am starting at the bottom like I did 7 years ago in Canada. I'm excited to go new places and learn even more, but it'll be a long road to get back to where I was.

15. In closing, would you like to leave a last message for your fans?
You all are the most amazing people. I would not still be doing this after 7 years if it wasn't for all of you. I genuinely have the best fans in this universe, or any other. Thank you so much for supporting me, especially in the last few months. I promise soon you will see the triumphant return of the All American Canadian!
Special thanks to Addy Starr for her time for this interview as well as the folks at DOA Wrestling for helping me out. To keep up with Addy Starr, follow her on Twitter @AddyStarr.
You can follow me on Twitter @matthewhollie

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