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Bellatrix Vs. SHIMMER Countdown: Interview With LuFisto

LuFisto and her sidekick, Pegaboo

LuFisto brings plenty of experience coming to Bellatrix 7. Being one of the many students of Mariko Yoshida (Cheerleader Melissa is also a student of Yoshida as well) brings plenty of hard work for the 16-year veteran, as she has battled not just women like Sara Del Rey, Cheerleader Melissa, Amazing Kong, Saraya Knight, and Mercedes Martinez; but also men like Necro Butcher and Sami Callihan (Now known as Solomon Crowe in WWE NXT). She may be up against the Referee's Nightmare in Destiny, but never question the heart of the "Super Hardcore Anime." She battled a stroke and beat it because of her resilience, and she has since recovered from a knee injury.

In this interview, you will hear LuFisto talk about her upcoming matches in October as well as her opinion on Women's wrestling legends who have faced off before. Never shy for words, LuFisto is downright honest with everything she says!

LuFisto with her mentor, the legendary Mariko Yoshida.
1. You got your training from so many talented trainers, notably Mariko Yoshida. What was it like to be trained by a Japanese women's wrestling legend?

It was wonderful. Not only did I learn their style of hitting and setting up a match, but most importantly, I learned how to work with weaknesses. I had a knee surgery about a year before I went to Japan and Mariko and Akino thought me how to work around it, even how to use it to my advantage. I would later apply the same knowledge to my back and other knee injuries. I also learned how to work with my in-ring weaknesses and how to hide everything that is weak about my opponent and making him or her look good no matter what. I strongly believe in building a match in ways that will make both fighters look good. I often hear things like “this wrestler had one of her best matches with LuFisto” and I take great pride in this…  And I have to thank my Japanese trainers for this.

The original Crazy Mary Dobson
2. In 1997 you made your debut in the ring under the name "Lucifer." What made that gimmick stand out?

To get used to a wrestling crowd, my first teacher Pierre, who was wrestling under the Devil’s Machine moniker, had me work as his manager for one show. I just thought the name Lucifer fit perfectly. I kept the name and gimmick when I started to be active in the ring. I was a dark heel character mainly inspired by the Undertaker and Darth Vader. Being a real Star Wars fan, I even used the Imperial March as my entrance music for my first matches! There were not too many girls back then so I was often the only girl in the locker room and for my first matches, I was always wrestling the same girls.

LuFisto does not come alone...She brings her pal Pegaboo to her matches.
3. You have been involved with SHIMMER since 2008 as well as a short time in 2006. What is it like to be in the best women's wrestling promotion in the world?

I’m very proud. I think I had some of the best matches of my career at Shimmer as I get the opportunity to work with amazing talents from all over the world. Indeed, I’ve been there since 2006 (I missed the following tapings due to my back injury) and every time, I’m looking forward to it. I’m also very proud that I was able to bring my student Kalamity who did great in her Shimmer appearances. Recently, more Femmes Fatales participated to the Sparkle events so I’m hoping to get other fellow Quebecers on the main roster in a near future.

nCw: Femme Fatales is more than a promotion...It's an institution for great women's wrestling.
4. Since 2009, you helped co-found the Northern Championship Wrestling's all-women's promotion called nCw: Femme Fatales. How important is it to be involved in a great promotion in Canada?

For a very long time, I was the only female wrestling in Quebec and it has always been very tough. When the opportunity of giving the girls a place to call home was given to me back in 2006 by Kim Leduc, I jumped on the occasion. The promotion was then known as “Association de Lutte Féminine (Women Wrestling Association). Unfortunately, the promotion was not financially able to bring international talent so many guys ended up on the shows. It closed its doors at the same time then its fellow man promotion FLQ in 2009.

A few months later, NCW asked me to take charge of it women division. At first, I wasn’t sure so I spoke with Stephane Bruyere who was the main booker at ALF. We then decided to give it a shot if NCW would let us bring international talent, run shows every 3 months and be inspired by Shimmer. When NCW agreed, the sky was the limit for us and the promotion has been going strong since.

Stephane is in charge of all the booking aspect of the show and gets help from wrestling historian Pat Laprade (author of Mad Dogs, Midgets and Screw Jobs) and I work on the multimedia stuff with Yan O’Cain and Sebastien Michaud.

We have a great productive team and I’m proud the girls from here have a great world renowned place to call home that gives them the opportunity to meet with the greatest talents in the world and get exposure around the globe.

5. Recently you came back from a knee injury that you had to miss out some events. Was it painful to know that you didn't get involved in some shows due to injury?

It always is. The injury has to be pretty bad for me to cancel appearances. Unfortunately with an exploded patella, I had no other choice.  Plus, I did have to forfeit my NSPW championship in the same process which sucked. :(

Two of Mariko Yoshida's favorite students face off against one another.

Tomoka Nakagawa gets punched, by the mighty hand of LuFisto.
6. What was your favorite match in your career?

Too many to pick one but I can say I loved every match with Mercedes Martinez, Wesna, Cheerleader Melissa and Joshi wrestlers. Recently, I would have to say Mia Yim and Ivelisse Velez.

7. On October 6th, you will be facing Destiny for the first time ever. Some people say that Destiny might pick up a win. Are you planning to prove your doubters wrong?

Proving people wrong is what I’m all about since 16 years!

8. With Bellatrix 7 serving as the opening of what October is called Open Female Fight Season do you think your fellow SHIMMER stars will hang tough with the Bellatrix girls?

There is no doubt. You have some of the best Shimmer has to offer. Anyway, if you are part of Shimmer, it’s because you are tough and can take on the best the world has to offer.

9. At nCw: Femmes Fatales this October, you will be teaming up with your protégé Sweet Cherrie against long time rival Mercedes Martinez and Saraya Knight. Will that bring the fans attention?

No disqualification… Anything goes with some of the toughest women in wrestling. There is no way this won’t get attention. It’ll be a fight the Femmes Fatales fans will remember forever as it’ll be violent, intense and crazy!

10. With the recent retirements of Allison Danger, Brittney Savage, and Kalamity this year, do you believe retirement is in your future?

First, I want to say that never it was said that Kalamity retire. She’s on hiatus and doesn’t know for how long. Some website assumed she had retired.

As for retirement, it’s been 16 years in the sport for me so for sure it’s getting closer. There comes a time where you must accept that nothing else bigger ever will happen and that none of the big leagues will give you a shot. There are no more challenges, no more goals… Then, the time has come to stop.

11. Let's go around with some name association. I say a name, you can respond to whatever you please.

Teacher and student...

Allies and enemies
Kalamity? My pride

LuFi with the High Priestess of Tormenting Souls, MsChif

MsChif? Smart, cool and geeky like me. :)

They are two of the finest students of Mariko Yoshida...
And they been involved in their fair share of matches...
But the bond of friendship can not break....
And that bond made them stronger...
Brutal and bad as its is....
These women supported one another...
Melissa and LuFisto will always be the best in the sport today.

Cheerleader Melissa? Total package

Christina Von Eerie is one athlete people don't want to mess with.
Christina Von Eerie? Best style ever! Can’t wait to work with her this month.

Mother and teacher, Saraya Knight.
Saraya Knight? Our wrestling mom, strong model for all of us.

Mercedes Martinez, LuFisto's chief rival in nCwFF.

Mercedes Martinez? My wrestling soulmate

Cat Power? So talented!

Sweet Cherrie may be powerful, but she's got a big heart. Just ask LuFisto.

Sweet Cherrie? My sister, heart of gold

Professional wrestling's most enigmatic superstar (In the women's wrestling scene anyway), Courtney Rush.

Courtney Rush? The future

There are heroes and there are legends. And then there is an Joshi pioneer named Allison Danger.

Allison Danger? Passion and devotion

12. What does the future hold for the "Super Hardcore Anime?"

Nobody knows the future but I do hope it’s positive. :)

13. In closing, would you like to leave a last message for your fans as well as Destiny?

Thank you for welcoming me to your country. It’s a dream come true for me to finally be able to perform in England. I can’t wait to meet you all and perform for you. As always I will give you everything I got. And Destiny…

“Judge me by my size, do you?  That is why you will fail.” – Master Yoda.

Big thanks to LuFisto for her time for this interview as well as Saraya Knight for her help in the process. To learn more about LuFisto, follow her on Twitter @LuFisto and her official website,

You can follow me on Twitter @matthewhollie

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