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Bellatrix Vs. SHIMMER Countdown: Interview With Mercedes Martinez

Hailing from a little town in Waterbury, Connecticut; a Latina Sensation lives amongst the folks who grew up there and battled the most toughest competitors in women's wrestling today. That name is Mercedes Martinez, the longest reigning Women Superstars Uncensored Champion for three years and a SHIMMER veteran. The reigning nCw: Femme Fatales Champion when she beat Kalamity earlier this year. Her wars with the best in the business like Athena, Cheerleader Melissa, LuFisto, and Jessicka Havok are brutal and legendary. Her 2nd defense of her title will be none other than “The Nordic Valkyrie" Miss Mina at Bellatrix 7 in England.

In a first time ever on the Barbwire Blog, Mercedes will not only give her view on her opponent and her worldly view on women's wrestling, but she'll take some fan questions as well. The Latina Sensation is not shy about speaking her mind, so let's get to it!

1. (Question from Robert W. Kovach) What inspired her to become a wrestler? And tell her I thought her & Kyoko Inoue did a hell of a job at the last Indy Gurlz Event! They put on one of the best matches I've seen in a long time! Awesome job!

Thank you so much for the kind words on that match with Kyoko. Such a positive learning experience and such a great match. Wish more people were there to witness it.
I was inspired to become a wrestler for many diff reasons. When I was young, wrestling was always a big thing in my house especially with my uncle and younger brother. It was then when I knew wrestling would be a big influence in my life. Me and my brother will always wrestle with the kids on the block and we even made tag teams belts out of cardboard and called ourselves "The Master Blasters" to say, I really didn't think I would be a wrestler but things happen for a reason and a injury in college took me down the path to wrestling. I always believed that whatever a man can do, a female can do and sometimes better. in this case, when I first started wrestling, I had to wrestle men before I wrestled the females, especially in training...I strive to do the best I can and always give more than 100%.

2. What was your favorite match in your 13-year career?

I have so many favorite matches that it is hard to choose just one. Wrestling for 13 years against many outstanding wrestlers like Mickie James, Victoria aka Tara, Angel Orsini, Cheerleader Melissa, Sara Del Rey, Nanae Takahashi, Madison Eagles, LuFisto, Ayako Hamada have given me some of my best and memorable matches ever. So I can't really say what has been my absolute favorite because I have so many.

3. Like Cheerleader Melissa, you debuted in SHIMMER in 2005. What is it like to be a part of the best all-women's wrestling promotion in the world?

SHIMMER is awesome and such a pioneer in womens wrestling. To be part of a company that supports the athleticsm of females and for them to give us a platform to prove to the world that we are more than just valets or eye candy, is a great feeling. We all need a place to showcase our talents in the ring and SHIMMER has given us a stage to perform and create memorable matchups for the world to see. It+s a honor to be part of SHIMMER.

4. In addition, you were once a fixture of Women's Superstars Uncensored; where you were a champion for three years. What was it like to be a part of that promotion?

WSU was considered my home for abut 4yrs because i literally took the ball and ran with it. Being a champion for 3yrs was no easy accomplishment but I survived and ran with the opportunity the company gave me. I like to think I helped the company gain its popularity by the feuds with Angel Orsini, Rain, and Serena Deeb along with Jessicka Havok. I put my time and body on the line for WSU because I believed in the product at that time. I have great memories and maybe one day I will return and create chaos, the Latina way.

5. Right now you are the reigning nCw: Femme Fatales International Champion beating Kalamity for the gold this past March. How is it to be a champion for one of two major women's wrestling promotions in North America?

I'm humbled and ecstatic. I always say that when a company trusts you with carrying their title, it means that they believe in you and the talent that you possess. I'm humbled to be champion for nCw Femme Fatales but make no mistake, I deserve this title and everyone around the world knows it. From the beginning I staked my claim and here I am, champion.

6. You will be defending the nCw: Femme Fatales International Championship against Miss Mina at Bellatrix 7. This is the first time that championship is going to be defended outside Canada. What do you expect from this match?

I expect to walk out still champion and Miss Mina to be proudly wearing my handmarks on her chest. Expect the unexpected and I never take a opponent lightly, however, this title came with me and with will go home with me.

7. In addition, you'll be taking up with Saraya Knight against LuFisto and Sweet Cherie at an nCw: Femme Fatales event later this October. What do you think about that match?

It's going to be BRUTALITY at its finest. LuFisto and I had our battles and with Saraya getting in the mix, I believe hardcore isn't the word to describe this match. I hope LuFisto is preparing Sweet Cherrie for what me and Saraya are going to do to them. We will have no mercy and no regrets.

8. (Question from Clint Corbett) Which male wrestler does she think did the best job at creating "art" by tattooing themselves? What tattoo would she like to get done next.

I'm loving the fact that the called tattoos "art" because that is exactly what it is. Our body is a canvas and for those that tattoo themselves, we merely are telling a story of our lives and what we love for the world to see. I am working on a new arm sleeve for my left arm and will consist of a galaxy them. Its a work in progress at that moment.

As far as the male wrestler goes, that tough as I love tattoos. But I'm digging Randy Orton's tattoo and I love any Samoans/Polynesians wrestlers who have tattoos as their tattoos are highly significant and inticut and very religious in nature. 

9. (Question from Scott Johnson) With as many matches as she has had, who is one woman (currently active) that she would like to wrestle that she hasn't had the chance.

I would love to expand my horizon and will love to work with the Alpha Female. I think our matches will be awesome and hard hitting and definitely a showcase of what we have to offer. 

10. With Bellatrix 7 the opening of what October is called Open Female Fight Season duo you think your fellow SHIMMER stars will hang tough with the Bellatrix girls?

I believe my fellow SHMMER stars can more than hang tough. I believe that we our experience combined, we are more prepared for any match that comes our way. however, I can only speak for myself when I say I'm prepared and ready for my match with Miss Mina.
11. With the recent retirements of Allison Danger, Brittney Savage, and Kalamity this year, do you believe retirement is in your future?

I believe retirement is in every wrestlers future. There's comes a point in your life when real life has to be a priority, wrestling takes a toll on the body not just physically but mentally as well. When its time to hang up the boots, I'm sure everyone will know. For now, I'm enjoying the ride that wrestling is still offering me and counting my blessings that my body can still deliver.

12. Let's go around with some name association. I say a name, you can say whatever you please. Jessicka Havok?

A beast in the ring

13. Athena?

Pure athleticism but all that high flying will catch up to her.

14. Ayako Hamada?

Tremendous, phenomenal, outstanding. a wrestler I admire and look up to.

15. Cheerleader Melissa?
All around wrestler. Can mix it up with anyone you put in front of her.

16. LuFisto?
Hard worker and a brilliant student of the game of wrestling. Deserves every accolade she gets and then some.

17. Saraya Knight?
Puts the fear of the devil to everyone she encounters in the ring.

18. (Question from Paul Price) Does she really enjoy inflicting those chops as much as it looks like she does?
I absolutely ENJOY inflicting those chops. Its the highlight of my match for me. Its prolly one of the few times you will see me smile.

19. What is your take on women's wrestling?
We are now a force to be reckon with. We can now be the main event instead of a attraction match. We have more to prove and as long as every female wrestler that steps into the ring takes this sport seriously and studies the game and the history, The future of women's wrestling will live on. look to the veterans in this business and realize how much they and we sacrificed to get to this point.
I am proud to be part of a movement that helped get women's wrestling to here it is now and I will still fight for it to be respected.

20. What does the future hold for “The Latina Sensation?"

Hopefully more titles belts around my waist and to keep hold of the titles I hold now. The future stays bright and it will never dim. I strive to give 100% and more and to always do my best, god willing.

21. In closing, would you like to leave a last message to your fans as well as Miss Mina?

For my fans, thank you for always supporting me. whether you are booing me or cheering, you have all given me respect for my skills in the ring. I never claim to be the best, but I do claim to be one of the many female wrestlers that helped put women's wrestling on the map. I thank you for keeping me in your prayers for when I'm injured and keeping me alive when I think this business has killed me inside. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
And for Miss Mina, better be super prepared for me. I'm not coming there to shake your hand. I'm coming there to prove a point and show why I'm the champ. You will feel the wrath of the Latina Sensation 100% and I will show you no mercy. I'm looking forward to kicking your teeth in and dropping you on your head. The end.
Special thanks to Mercedes for her time for this interview as well as Saraya Knight for her help in the process. To learn more about Mercedes, check out her Online World Of Wrestling Profile by clicking here.
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