Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bellatrix Vs. SHIMMER Countdown: An ALL NEW Interview With Destiny

In women's wrestling today, nobody puts on the pressure on her opponents quite like Destiny. Painfully as it sounds, the 10+ year veteran has proven time and time again that Bellatrix is her home turf, and nothing and nobody will stop her. Aurora Flame knew that as well as Alpha Female at Bellatrix 6. Now will the "Super Hardcore Anime" LuFisto meet the same fate? Tiem will truly tell.

In an all new interview, the Referee's Worst Nightmare will not just address the actions at Bellatrix 6, but also address her opponent at Bellatrix 7.

1. Can you tell our readers what happened in your match at Bellatrix 6 against Aurora Flame?

Obviously, I destroyed her. She's a talent and she gave me a good fight but lets face it, we all knew going into that match that she'd be getting back on a plane to Finland with an L on her score card.

2. You also helped Lady Penelope get the win over Alpha Female later on and you got into a little staredown with Alpha Female as well. Is there a potential match between the two of you?

First off, I wasn't helping Penelope, I was there to let Alpha Female know who the real Alpha is, and for over 10 years now that's been Destiny. As far as potential for a match between the two of us, it seems like for now she's so scared of me shes run to the other side of the planet. So if fans want to see that she'll have to grow set first.

3. Outside of Bellatrix, what have you been up to regarding wrestling?

I've been handing out beatings in LDN and of course in WAW - But my Focus is Bellatrix, showing the world what Destiny is all about.

4. With the recent retirements of some prominent women's wrestlers this year, is retirement in the cards for you?

Not a chance, I dominate my matches so I don't pick up injuries like some of my lesser "colleagues" Despite being in the business for over a decade I'm still in my 20's. I've easily got another 2 decades left in me and I intend to be just as dominant until then.

5. On October 6th, you'll be up against a veteran of women's wrestling LuFisto. You think she'll hold her own against you?

Book your tickets, or pre order the IPPV, because this is going to be a fight. I'm not taking her lightly, I now everything she's done, and everyone she's beat, its not going to be like a night off for me, but I'm going to give her a fight like shes never seen before, nothing fancy, nothing flash, just pure brutality. When the dust settles I may be the worse for wear but I will have my hand raised.

6. With some top SHIMMER stars making their Bellatrix debuts, do you believe they can hold their own on hostile territory?

Anyone who thinks this is going to be one sided, for either promotion is a fool. Shimmer is recognized as being the top company in the world, but anyone who's seen any of the Bellatrix shows knows we're the best that Europe has to offer, and on October 6th, people will see that which ever company comes out on top, its going to be a pretty close run thing. 


7. Let's hear your view on the SHIMMER Ladies. It's just like name association but it's your scouting report on the newcomers. Mercedes Martinez?

Hard hitting

8. Christina Von Eerie?


9. Cheerleader Melissa?


10. Courtney Rush?

Keeping my belt warm.

11. What are your three goals in Bellatrix?

Firstly and most importantly reclaiming my World Championship. I never lost that title and sometime very soon I will be making a run at whoever thinks they are the Champ. Secondly, I will win the European title, and make history as the first every triple crown champion in Bellatrix. Third Letting every wrestling fan around the world that I am the top dog, the real Alpha not just in Bellatrix but on the world wide scene for women's wrestling.


12. In closing, would you like to leave a last message for your fans as well as LuFisto?

Fans, get the damn IPPV or get down to Epic Studios on October 6th as you dont want to miss this. and LuFisto? I'm counting down the days, I've seen everything you have and my warning - bring it all, don't leave a damn thing in the locker room that night because I'm coming in 100% focused on the win that night whatever you decide to throw at me. AND if you bring Pegaboo to ringside, I will be tearing her damn head off!

Special thanks to Destiny for her time for this interview as well as Saraya Knight for her help in the process. To keep up with Destiny, follow her on Twitter

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