Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bellatrix Vs. SHIMMER COuntdown: Interview With Sammi Baynes

Wrestling has been a fixture for young Sammi Baynes, as the former Norfolk Doll will try to make a name for herself now that her former partner is in the WWE. Her true test will be up against the Bellatrix British Women's Champion Erin Angel. It would be a test of resolve for the talented Baynes.

In her first interview, Sammi will address her opponent as well as her past as one of the Norfolk Dolls. Sammi is not one to hold back, so here it is, in it's entirety.

1. What inspired you to be a pro wrestler?

I was always into wrestling as a kid I would watch it on the tv all the time, I just thought it was amazing and when I was given the opportunity to try it I've never looked back its what I was born to do.

2. What is your favorite match in your career?

A tag team match I was involved in as part of the Norfolk dolls it was about mid way through my career and it was against Sweet Saraya and Klondyke Kate, I don't really remember much about the match I was just in awe as to who I was in the ring with (ha ha) I was buzzing

3. You were a former Norfolk Doll at one point. What was it like to be involved with that group?

It was amazing we were one of the biggest female tag teams at the time and we made a big impact on the women's division as we were one of very few female tag teams. Me and Brittani Knight were best friends so it was so easy for us to gel and it just worked! We had the legends Ricky Knight and Sweet Saraya to thank for our success as the Norfolk dolls, they put everything into us and they were the ones who had the vision of the Norfolk dolls, getting their inspiration from the film 'California dolls'

4. On October 6th ,you be challenging Erin Angel for the Bellatrix British Women's Championship. What do you expect from that match?

I expect to come out on top! Walking out with a belt around my waist! I've never been up against Erin before but I know she will give me a good match, we're both very different in wrestling styles so we'll see how those go up against each other at Bellatrix.

5. What is your view on women's wrestling in general?

I personally think it's at an all time high , back in the day of the Norfolk dolls there wasn't many women on the wrestling scene, well not on the British scene anyway and now it's full of many talented, fierce, dominant females who make wrestling what it is today, I think we are more respected now so it's easier to get ourselves out there and be accepted.

6. With SHIMMER Stars making their debut in Bellatrix, do you think they have the talent as well as the tools to handle the veterans in Bellatrix?

Having seen very few of the SHIMMER girls in action I can't really comment, all I know is that with our veterans of Bellatrix being the likes of Sweet Saraya they're gonna have a tough fight on their hands.

7. Let's go around with your view of the SHIMMER ladies. It's like name association, but it's your scouting report for each of the individuals who will come to England. LuFisto?


8. Mercedes Martinez?


9. Cheerleader Melissa?


10. Courtney Rush?


11. Christina Von Eerie?


12. In closing, would you like to leave a last message for your fans as well as Erin Angel?

Be ready and be aware cause I'm coming and I'm in hard.

Special thanks to Sammi Baynes for her time for this interview as well as Saraya Knight for hel help in the process. To keep up with Sammi, follow her on Twitter @SammiBaynes.

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