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Bellatrix Countdown: Interview With Viper

In Scotland, you never seen a real live viper in the neighborhood...Unless you see a fighter in a wrestling ring named Viper. Make no mistake about it, she is absolutely dangerous as well as beautiful. Along with Bette Noir, she will face off against a talented duo in Violet O'Hara and Chanel on June 23.

In her in-depth interview, you will hear about the early work of the Scottish Viper, as well as her favorite rivalry as well as her favorite match in her career. With a list of past WAWW/Bellatrix stars, she'll describe each and every one of them.

1. How did you get involved in professional wrestling?

Like most wrestlers I've loved to watch wrestling from a young age, it never occurred to me that there were places to train to be a wrestler until my friend told me about a wrestling school called the Scottish Wrestling Alliance (now Source Wrestling School) near me. I decided to go one day and try it out, I loved it straight away and haven't looked back since.

2. What was your early years in wrestling like?

I have only been wrestling for 5 years so I would still say I am in my early years, but it was very difficult for me at the start. I was very young and had to deal with losing relatives and my family members were not very happy about me going to training so it was hard to attend my school regularly. However, I persisted and they began to see that I was very serious about wrestling and now I have their full support.

3. You will make your Bellatrix debut since you last appeared in WAW. What is it like to wrestle in there?

It's fantastic, great  crowds, great atmosphere and a great company. It's a brilliant platform for all female wrestlers and a good chance for the fans to see us too.

4. You'll be teaming up with Bette Noir against a talented duo in Bellatrix, Voilet O'Hara and Chanel. Is it going to be a tough match?

I have faced Violet before so I have some idea of what to expect however I have no doubt that as a determined wrestler she has advanced since we last met. Many people may take Violet for granted due to her smaller stature but you must never underestimate her! Her fire, determination and will more than make up for it, I'm positive she will put up one hell of a fight!
Although I have never faced Chanel before, I have heard plenty about her. She's making big waves since coming to Bellatrix, her matches against Phobia and Destiny showed that, like Violet she is determined with an unbreakable will. Both girls will be a handful, but I am very confident in mine and Bête Noire's abilities, we are a very strong tag team and have proved ourselves against many formidable opponents. All in all I think it's a good match up and I'm looking forward to the girls bringing their best to the table.

5. What is your favorite feud in your career?

I'd have to say my favourite feud so far is my ongoing feud between myself and Bête Noire against the Amazon Ayesha Ray and Rhia O'Reilly. With the feud spilling over several different companies, I don't think the score will ever be truly settled between our two teams.

6. What is your favorite match in your career?

My favourite match in my Career would have to be against Bête Noire at Insane Championship Wrestling: Tramspotting. It's been my hardest and  most brutal match to date.

7. What is your take on Women's Wrestling?

I love women's wrestling, it just so empowering. I'm a bit fan of intergender wrestling but I do believe that there is a certain something in women's wrestling that men's wrestling just doesn't seem to capture. So much emotion, heart, grace  and elegance that seems to be conveyed much stronger.

8. Do you watch the WWE product or the TNA product?

I watch both products and enjoy them very much as well as several independent companies, I feel watching different products and styles helps me become a better wrestler.

9. Do you wish to wrestle for top US Women's Wrestling federations like SHIMMER, SHINE OR WSU (Women's Superstars Uncensored)?

I've always dreamed of wrestling in the U.S and I would love to work in all the great promotions over the pond.

10. Would you like to work on the independent scene or would you work in one of the big leagues?

I would love to do both, my goal with wrestling is to travel the world and learn as much as possible.

11. Let's go around with name association. I say a name, you can respond whatever you please. Violet O'Hara?

Surprise package

12. Destiny?

Formidable powerhouse.

13. Paige?


14. Chanel?

Determined underdog.

15. Bette Noir?

Unstoppable warrior

16. Saraya Knight?

Supreme aggression.

17. Who is your dream opponent and why?

There are so many for me to choose, I have so many dream matches but at the moment I would have to pick Ruth between Chyna or Bull Nakano for the fantastic things they did for womens wrestling and the dedication they brought to the ring.

18. What does the future hold for you?

If me and Bête have anything to do with it, tag team gold! On our own we are formidable opponents, together we are unstoppable!

19. In closing, would you like to leave a last message for your supporters?

19. I would like to say thanks to my supporters and to those aren't supporters yet, jump on the bandwagon or get run over! and i would like to remind everyone to order Bellatrix  iPPV! With the addition of myself and Bête Noire I think this will be the best and most talented Bellatrix show yet!

Special thanks to Viper for her time for this interview as well as Saraya Knight for helping me out in the process. To learn more about Viper, visit her website at

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