Monday, June 17, 2013

No Way, Jose: Guerra Is Gone From River City Wrestling

It's official; Jose Guerra is no longer endorsed or involved with San Antonio based River City Wrestling due to questionable professional ethics. He is now a free agent thanks to his boneheaded display of no-showing events for RCW, but face it; nobody has to like it, but it has to be done.

If I were a wrestling promoter, I would definitely release someone with so much promise and so much talent and let that go to waste. It was stupid on his part. Very stupid. If anybody needs to put the blame on somebody for no-showing events, it's Jose Guerra.

Like I said earlier; “There should be other schools where he should train. And to keep him in check professionally. I hardly know much about any wrestling schools in Texas but I know one in New York. He should go there not only to continue his training, but work on his professionalism." No question there. I would love to see Jose in my home promotion New York Wrestling Connection or any other promotions in the Tri-State area.

But first he's gotta clean up his act.

That is all.

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