Friday, June 21, 2013

Bellatrix Countdown: Interview With Liberty

The name Liberty in Webster's Dictionary means "the quality or state of being free." The wrestler Liberty is an extraordinary athlete. Not only did she beat Queen Maya to take home the RQW European Ladies Championship, she will face against a star on the rise who ha gotten lots of attention, "Portugal's Perfect Athlete" Shanna.

In her all new interview, Liberty will address her previous Bellatrix appearance as well as her match with Shanna this Sunday. With a list of talented individuals, she has a lot to say about them.

1. Congratulations on winning the RQW European Ladies Championship, it's a long time coming. How do you feel after winning the gold from Queen Maya?

When the referee counted to 3 after I gave Maya the sunset flip-bomb, I was overwhelmed, I didn’t know what to do with myself, all I could really focus on was the crowd and how loud they were cheering a the time! When I was handed the belt I just wanted to celebrate, it was a surreal and amazing feeling.

2. I know the history between the two of you, and at one time it ended badly because Queen Maya had to leave with a broken arm. Do you think she was ready for you?

After Bellatrix 4, I think the only thing Queen Maya was interested in was revenge.. She was out to to some damage, and in all honestly I was quite cautious of what she might do. She was ready and rearing to go!

3. For those who didn't know, Queen Maya has gotten a steel plate in her forearm, and might strike you with it. Were you ready for that?

I was aware that Queen Maya had the steel plate enforced in her broken arm yes, which did make me very weary of what her intentions were. as I found out nearing the end of our match, that steel plate was nothing but pain! after being hit across the face with it, there was a split second I thought I may not have been able to carry on with the match.

4. What are your reactions to that finish?

I knew from the start of the match I was going to have to give Maya something big, she's an incredible wrestler and would not go down easy. The sunset flip-bomb was pure desperation and was a last attempt to win for me. Queen Maya had pushed me to my limits, but when I got the win i was ecstatic!

5. What's next on the table for you? I know the Queen won't go down without a fight and might challenge you to a rematch.

If Queen Maya wants a rematch, then it's a rematch she will get. I know full well that lady is up for a fight anytime, and after our last match she should know that so am I! I'd happily give her a rematch if it came down to it.

6. Now you will be facing Shanna for the RQW European Ladies Championship. What do you think about the talented individual who has gotten lots of attention?

Personally, I haven't seen all that much of Shanna, although I have heard that she has been participating in TNA's Gut Check. I'm looking forward to our match and seeing what she has to offer. bring it on!

7. Let's go around with name association. I say a name, you can respond to whatever you please. Queen Maya?

From experience, Queen Maya is a true competitor! she's determined and is willing to do whatever she has to do, to win.

8. Lady Penelope?

As well as a great friend of mine, Lady Penelope is extremely talented, definitely one to keep a look out for!

9. Destiny?

After seeing Destiny so nearly take the SHIMMER Championship away from Sweet Saraya, anyone would be a fool to underestimate her.

10. Viper?

I have set to see what viper has to bring to the table, but she really does look like you could do a lot of damage!

11. Sweet Saraya Knight?

Sweet Saraya really is a legend. she's taught me everything i know and is now passing on her knowledge to all of us at Bellatrix.

12. Who is your dream opponent and why?

My dream opponent has to be Gail Kim. Not only does she look the part but she is extremely talented and has a ruthless attitude when she wrestles! A great icon of women's wrestling.

13. In closing, would you like to leave a last message for your fans as well as Shanna?

To all the fans, keep supporting Bellatrix as it is definitely on the rise and we are finally getting the recognition we all deserve! As for Shanna.. you better bring your A game. I've faced and beaten the tallest female in Europe that is Queen Maya. I'm ready for whatever you've got!

Special thanks to Liberty for her time for this interview as well as Saraya Knight for helping me out in the process. To keep up with Liberty, check out her Facebook Fan Page at

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