Friday, June 14, 2013

Bellatrix Countdown: Interview With X-Cute Sweet

In fans eyes, X-Cute Sweet brings nothing but talent. The talented Frenchwoman has made lots of waves in Europe as well as North America, where she made her debut last year at NCW Femme Fatales in Montreal. She will face off against the “Bombshell From Hell" Skarlett on June 23.

In her first interview, you will read about how she got into wrestling as well as her favorite match and her upcoming match with Skarlett. With a talented group of ladies, she'll describe a few of them.

1. How did you get involved in professional wrestling?

Easy! I saw the light and when I entered I saw lots of beautiful muscular guy in super short shorts ... so I stayed!

2. What was your early years in wrestling like?

(I don't understand this question)

3. You will make your debut for Bellatrix, promoted by former SHIMMER Champion Sweet Saraya Knight. What is it like to wrestle in there?

In fact I made my debut last year at Bellatrix 2. It was a great experience so I happy to be back.

4. You'll be facing the “Bombshell From Hell" Skarlett on June 23. You think you can handle the talented veteran?

I think I have my chance, I will do my best.

5. What is your favorite feud in your career?

(I had no feud so can I pass this question?)

6. What is your favorite match in your career?

All matches that I did are my favorites. They are all unique and important to me. Each match has brought me something, I can't pick just one.

7. What is your take on Women's Wrestling?

Girls poooooweeeer !!

8. Do you watch the WWE product or the TNA product?

Not really. I have no time and above all no TV.

9. Do you wish to wrestle for top US Women's Wrestling federations like SHIMMER, SHINE OR WSU (Women's Superstars Uncensored)?

Yes of course! Where do I sign?

10. Would you like to work on the independent scene or would you work in one of the big leagues?

I was on the independent scene but since January 2013 I work for a big French company, the Wrestling Stars and I am very pleased to have joined their team.

11. Let's go around with name association. I say a name, you car respond whatever you please.

Nikki Storm?

I don't know who is she and I sure she doesn't know who I am.

12. Rhia O'Reilly?

My crazy last St Patrick party.

13. Alpha Female?

My vacuum cleaner. It's a German brand. Although, it doesn't work very well.

14. Shanna?

Dictionary ... For show her the definition of perfect word..

15. Athena?

Her finisher... Ouch... I can feel it again..

16. Cheerleader Melissa?

Beautiful hair

17. Saraya Knight?

I prefer to say nothing about her. She can throw a fit for no reason, I prefer to remain discrete.

18. Who is your dream opponent and why?

My dream opponent? Me ! charismatic, talented, technical ... too bad that I can't split myself  in two.

19. What does the future hold for you?

Full of lovely surprise, I hope

20. In closing, would you like to leave a last message for your supporters as well as Skarlett?

For my supporters, if I have, make a lot of noise and wear orange clothes to I see you.

For Skarlett : au revoir toi même! (French for “goodbye yourself!")

Special thanks to X-Cute Sweet for her time as well as her cooperation for this interview as well as Saraya Knight for helping me out in the process. To keep up with X-Cute Sweet, follow her on Twitter @XcuteSweet.

You can follow me on Twitter @matthewhollie

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